Seriously, Who Ditches Work To Watch Honduras?

Yesterday, Joe Biden met with the leaders of several Central American countries to discuss illegal immigration. honduras president 2According to The New York Times, Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez “sent a top aide to the meeting but skipped it himself in order to watch Honduras play in the World Cup in Brazil.”

The American ambassador to Honduras, Lisa Kubiske, was unimpressed: “Today there is a very important game, but the country has priorities for which the top leader should be present.”

To be fair, watching Honduras play football is arguably even less fun than being lectured by Biden, who visited Natal last week to see USA-Ghana. Honduras is one of the dirtiest teams in the tournament, and a panelist on The Guardian’s World Cup Football Daily podcast said its match against Ecuador was “like watching Stoke under Tony Pulis play Stoke under Tony Pulis.”

I bet Hernandez wishes he’d attended the meeting. He could’ve tried out the WatchESPN app.


2 thoughts on “Seriously, Who Ditches Work To Watch Honduras?

  1. Politically Aware says:

    I mean, he’s kind of the president of the nation playing, and think of the kind of hullabaloo that would rise from a Latin American nation who’s waged a war with Ecuador in the past just over football when they hear their President chose a meeting with the United States over watching his country play Ecuador.

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