Fox Still Loves Gus Johnson

Earlier today, as I looked for highlights of Real Madrid’s 4-0 win over Bayern Munich, I stumbled upon gus johnsonan interesting video: “Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid: Best of Gus Johnson.” In it, Johnson, an accomplished basketball commentator, describes (or tries to describe) Real’s four goals. Clearly, Fox still loves this guy. Which is a shame, because, as far as I can tell, more than a year after calling his first Champions League game, Johnson has barely improved: I cringed when he announced that “Los Blancos can smell Lisbon.” He sounds like a man trying to prove to the world that he understands soccer — that he knows Real Madrid’s nickname and is confident enough to, you know, use it in a sentence.

Click here for an article I wrote about Johnson last year.

And watch the Fox video here.


One thought on “Fox Still Loves Gus Johnson

  1. Cantona says:

    The absolute worst commentator experience of a champions league match I have ever witnessed.. They can even get they pre recorded factoids
    Right… And wynalda analysis is about as bad as is gets.. Mr I know the bundesliga doesn’t even know a marquee player like Sam keihdra never played for bayern… Are you kidding me?!!!!!

    This is an absolute cluster…

    And who the f$ck is cream benzima!!!


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