INFTH’s English Football Time Capsule: Predictions For 11/12 season is only days away, so it seems as good a time as any to record some basic predictions for the new year. Come May, we’ll see whether divination really is my thing…

Premier League Champions: Mancheser United- There is just something about this generation at United which makes me fear for the rest of the league. Unquestionably, last year was a success, and Fergie has made all the right moves so far this summer to insure that United enter the next campaign stronger than ever. Old faces like Wes Brown and John O’Shea have been rooted out, while promising youngsters have been brought in. Oh yeah, and they might be about to sign one of the best attacking players in World football.

The Rest Of The Top Four: City, Chelsea and Liverpool- City and Chelsea aren’t very controversial picks for top four inclusion, only Liverpool’s placement is questionable. However, given the precarious state of things at The Emirates, and Tottenham’s surprising lack of initiative so far this summer, it is only logical that the Reds should claim that coveted fourth spot. As any veteran reader knows, I am not a huge fan of Henderson or Adam, but Livepool have enough depth in midfield to make up for the weaknesses of two of their latest signings.

Relegation: Norwich, Wigan and Swansea- Wigan have been very close to going down on a number of occasions, and I get the feeling that this time no escape will be forthcoming. In selling Charles N’Zogbia to Aston Villa, they have lost their most coveted attacking asset; even if they succeed in signing Wright Phillips, I can’t see around relegation. As for Norwich, promoted teams are always vulnerable to an instant drop back down; such has been the steepness of their rise, I doubt Lambert’s side are fully prepared to make the step up. The story of Swansea is likely to echo that of many teams before them, promoted sides promising attractive football always go right back down. Just ask Ian Holloway…

Top Scorer: Wayne Rooney- This is going to be his season.

Player of the Year-Wayne Rooney- Same as above.

FA Cup: Chelsea- They are the masters of cup competition, and it seems likely that the side almost always gifted the most powder puff of draws will once again lift the trophy at Wembley. In Andre Villas Boas they have a manager hungry to prove himself at the highest level, though as he looks to have missed out on two major targets I see Premier League glory as unlikely.

League Cup: Who Knows, Who Cares- At this point, it is very difficult to predict a League Cup winner. There is no side perennially dominant in the competition, and last year one of the relegated teams won! It would be brilliant for Arsenal if they finally were to win a trophy, but Wenger seems to be determined to keep their glory-less streak alive…

Promoted To The Premier League- I don’t pretend to be any kind of expert on lower division football (for that kind of knowledge you should check out The Seventy Two) but like most fans, I would love to see Leeds United back in the big time. During their pomp, Leeds managed to make fights with virtually every team under the sun, and the renewal of those rivalries would only add to the Premier League’s penchant for excitement.

Of course, all these predictions have to be subject to change, there is still a month of transfer window frenzy left to throw up a few surprises…

But for now, who do you think will claim the major prizes next season?


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