Sneijder To United, And Two Other Ridiculously Annoying Sagas

Every year it happens, or does it. My sources say it doesn’t, wait, it actually does…Pending image rights, of course. Okay, here are three of football’s most annoying transfer sagas…

1. Sneijder To United- Alright, so perhaps this saga has yet to reach the epic proportions of some that have rocked the World in the past, but nevertheless, it has annoyed me sufficiently to warrant inclusion. First, there is the on-off effect, the changing news every day, one newspaper reporting one thing, before headlining its polar opposite the next day. However, it was Sneijder’s “god” comment which really got me riled up…

There is nothing worse than when a footballer claims that only “god” knows what his future holds. An act of foolish religious commitment some would say, but tantamount to a transfer request others might argue; talk of god only leads to confusion…And my disgust.

2. Fabregas to Barcelona- If tapping up was really a crime that Uefa were at all interested in punishing, then Barcelona would have banned, fined and docked points about ten thousand times over the past few years. Their constant efforts to unsettle Cesc are frankly disgusting and (probably) prohibited by transfer law. Not to mention the common respect and courtesy that they breach every time one of their players force a Barca kit onto him.

Yes, what Barca have been doing to Cesc Fabregas should certainly be considered “tapping up” despite the fact that no one has any real evidence of them contacting him illegally through the phone. Every day it seems, another Barca player comes out to announce Fabregas’ “secret” desire to leave The Emirates, and every day Sandro Rosell or Pep Guardiola or some one high up at the club talks about him covetously. For a club so often sickeningly classy, Barca’s pursuit of Fabregas really disappoints me.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid- The mother of all modern transfer sagas, Ronaldo’s move to Real Madrid was perhaps the most followed transfer story of the “Naughties.”

After starring with Manchester United, Ronaldo immediatlly moved on Real Madrid’s unusually large radar screen. Along with every other attacking player who had kicked a ball straight during the past twelve months, Ronaldo was hotly linked with the Merengues, rumors that the Portuguese international neglected to quell.

Much like during Sneijder’s saga, the big “g” word was brought up a few times, as Ronaldo did his best to stir the pot in Manchester. Despite publicly comitting his future to Manchester United on several occasion in the months preceding his exit, Ronadlo eventually left United for eighty million pounds in 2009.

Comment with some of your least favorite transfer sagas.
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