Arsenal Should Cash In On Fabregas Now, And Rebuild For A New Era

It is the perennial summer saga, the transfer rumor that just won’t go away until Fabregas officially resigns for Barcelona. Earlier today, Barcelona reportedly had a thirty million euro bid for the Arsenal captain turned down by the Gunners, and that is expected to only be the start of the continuation of one of football’s most famous tug of wars.

Throughout the last few seasons, Arsene Wenger has maintained a resolute stance on Fabregas, claiming that the Spaniard is not for sale at any price, and that the Gunners have no plans to let him go. For Arsenal fans hoping for Fabregas to stay, this particular aspect of Wenger’s stubborn persona has been met with far more satisfaction than those which have dictated his frugal spending, but perhaps it doesn’t deserve such a positive response; perhaps if Wenger were to relent, and sell Fabregas, then the stubbornness governing his transfer dealings would finally begin to fade, and with it Arsenal’s years of hurt.

If Arsenal are to move on from the disappointing results which saw them crash out at the Nou Camp, surrender again in the fight to wrest the league from Chelsea and Manchester United, or even dispel the memories of a painful day at Wembley, then offloading Fabregas is a clear and easy decision.

The Arsenal of Fabregas has been taken as far as it can go, to the brink of success, close enough to feel the hurt of failure, yet still far enough for their annual collapses not to be considered surprising. Arsenal need a dramatic overhaul, and that process of change should start with the captain.

Already, the seeds of a new era have been sown, Stan Kroenke has taken ownership of the club, and the North Londoners are set to sign two useful looking players in Christopher Samba and Gervinho. However, Arsenal are still in need of an aggressive, holding midfielder, someone in the mold of a Michael Essien or the Owen Hargreaves of three years ago. If Fabregas were to leave for something in the region of thirty million pounds, then ample funds would be available to purchase such a player, one who would help Arsenal to take a grip on tight games, and close out inferior teams.

As far as a replacement for Fabregas goes, Arsenal have the very men already at the club, Jack Wilshere is a player that many would like to see playing further up the pitch and the newly fit Aaron Ramsey could also fill that void.

With the signings of Samba, Gervinho and perhaps a Diarra or Muntari, Arsenal would then be able to turn to the pressing concern which exists in goal, one which contributed to their failure in last year’s League Cup final. Sczeney, although promising, is not yet good enough to take over the number one jersey, an experienced, consistent presence is needed in that area, someone not prone to high profile mistakes.

Arsenal’s needs are obvious, and players of the required class available, but Arsene Wenger’s unrelenting stubbornness could prevent the Gunners from making any change. Would the Frenchman be willing to admit defeat, sell Fabregas and start a new? I don’t think so, Arsenal fans might have to wait until that day that the Professor decides to pack in, for real progress to be made.

Should Arsenal sell Cesc Fabregas?
Will Arsenal sell  Cesc Fabregas?


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